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Authentic Metal Bed frames have something that no newly made piece of furniture can offerÉ. character and a past. Our CASTILE metal bed, handmade using traditional techniques and materials to a high standard of quality and finish. Our Bed is designed for a long life and are meticulously tested to British Standards.nYour bedroom is going to look great with our metal bed as it speaks simplicity, quality and materials engineered to last for generations.nFEATURESnnLong lasting base framesnOur beds come with a base frame as standard which is designed for a long life and are meticulously tested to British Standards.nnHigh quality materialsnOur beds are made of thick gauge steel tubing which are welded and casted into place using traditional techniques. All our material is chosen so that they ensure our beds last a long time and we thoroughly inspect all material that before we use them in our products. Any brass that we use is genuine solid brass castings and pipes rather than steel coated to look like brass.nnWooden sprung slat systemnOur base frames come with sprung wooden slats which are 20% thicker than slats provided by other manufacturers. The gap between slats is 65mm and compatible with most mattresses available on the market.nnTwo height settings availablenThis bed frame comes with two standard frame height configurations, 14″ and 17″. You can choose the height setting at which you set the bed at the time of assembly. You may change the height setting at a later date if you choose to.nnFinishnAll our iron beds are painted in a durable powder coated finish that has been tried and tested over the years.nnWhat makes our iron beds & metal bed frames specialnIron beds are mostly valued for their durability, stylish elegance, cost effective features and versatility. Their ever lasting design means you can pass one down from generation to generation. Cast and wrought iron bed frames were introduced at the end of the 19th century, in the Victorian age. Vintage iron bed frames were handmade from pouring the iron and polishing detailed castings to the last finishing touches. The Bed manufacturer has been working with these traditional techniques for the last 20 years. Till today they produce beautifully handcrafted metal bed frames. Each of the beds is hand cast with attention to every little detail.nnAre metal beds durablenIron beds are more portable than other types of bed frames. For people who tend to move often metal beds survive moves better than wooden or upholstered beds. Metal which has been painted with our durable finish is able to withstand more punishment than wood and wonÕt rip like upholstery. Dismantling and assembling our metal bed will, also, not compromise their life in any way.nnHow do I take care of my metal bed framesnMaintenance of an iron bedstead is relatively easy, it should be kept clean and as dry as possible. A dry cloth can be used to wipe down the frame every so often to keep it dust free. An iron bed frame will not stain easily and any spills can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Tightening the bolts yearly also makes sure it never squeaks.nnIron and brass beds finishnOur iron bed frames are painted in a durable powder coated finish that is designed to withstand the daily rigours of life. Some also mix the painted iron with brass finials, the contrast each metal brings lifting the overall look of the bed. All our brass is hand casted which is then antiqued and then lacquered with a durable protective coating. These brass parts can be usually replaced for either a chromed finish or a painted finish as well.

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Bed Frame made of Steel Wood curved slats Powder Coated finish

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